Dear Mum,

I trust your week is going great? I believe congratulations are in order to both you and the children for a successful school year. We thank the Lord for preserving every child and parent through this session.

As our children settle down to enjoy the holiday I will like to remind you that you must make it a worthwhile experience for them. The essence of the holiday must not be forgotten or mismanaged.

Firstly, it is a time the children are expected to get some good and deserved rest. Don’t tell me it is a waste, after all you get to go on an annual leave and rest and do what you like, so kindly allow your children some rest.

Secondly, it must also be a time of play. Please remember they are children and bringing up a balanced child is very important. Let them enjoy growing up, let them catch some fun.

Thirdly, it’s a time of bonding. When I was still in paid employment I ensured I took my annual leave during their long holiday. This afforded us the time to be together and do things together as a family, house chores, shopping, cooking, watching TV, games, walks and the likes ( you will be surprised how much you learn about each child this way). I also ensured I went the extra mile to get extended family members to be a part of our holiday. For me family is everything, thus building a healthy relationship was not negotiable.

Lastly, for self development. I strongly believe that every individual comes uniquely packaged and it takes a discerning mind to observe and nurture each uniqueness. Personally, I subscribe to minimal academics during such holiday, rather I explore self development programmes such as Ettiquette Classes, Age & Gender appropriate Programmes, Entrepreneurial & Skill Aquisition Courses. This way I help my children discover themselves in various areas and that helps me as a parent in my choices and decisions concerning each child.

So dear Mum, kindly choose what’s best for your child(ren).

For our benefit, I also went the extra mile to collate a few holiday packages available for your consideration (there are tonnes out there) Kindly visit my Instagram and Facebook pages; adamemeh and Ada Memeh respectively for details on each package.

I wish you all a fun filled and experiential holiday.

Yours in Mummyhood,

School of Mothers

  • Oluwayemisi
    Posted at 23:01h, 16 July Reply

    Summer time = Rest + Play + Bonding + Self Development.

  • Ezegbulam Magdalene
    Posted at 08:30h, 17 July Reply

    Nice one here.

    Posted at 16:40h, 17 July Reply

    Yes, rightly said. Getting them acquainted with God more in this holiday is very vital also & we can be creative with it e.g bible quiz, acting bible characters etc. Our children shall fulfill their God given destinies in Jesus name.

    • theschoolofmothers
      Posted at 17:40h, 17 July Reply

      Oh this is a very innovation idea… will encourage friends who currently run a children bible club to look into this as well. Thank you Sis, your contributions are always appreciated.

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