Oftentimes I wonder if other mothers also find themselves in that spot where we need to decide how to balance between godly training and keeping trendy.

This post seeks to know what your take is on this topic, so your candid response will be appreciated as we offer counsel that will in the long run help us do better.

Sometime last week I had a conversation with a parent who wanted to know where to draw the line as regards fashion trends.
1. What is fashionable for a Christian child? Hairstyles, is it okay for our girls to braid with coloured weaves? Is it okay for our boys to wear dreads and studs?
2. Is it proper for us as parents to accept every invitation to birthday parties, for the sake of being courteous?
3. There’s so much content out there; music, television programs, social media. Can we really stop our children from listening to these music, watch these programs or stay off social media?
4. What age do we say is safe to allow these children make their own decisions and choices?
5. Is it really appropriate to allow our children be trendy, flow with what’s in vogue?

There’s always a tendency to be over protective, sometimes, but the truth is that our children are growing up and need to learn necessary decision making skills in order to understand that life is about actions and consequences.
While we have to play our roles as parents we must prepare them for life eventually.
This said, the presence of the ‘seemingly distractions’ all around us and the need to bring up a balanced child stares us in the face daily thereby requiring us to do our homework thoroughly.

How do you balance your parenting style?

  • Yemisi Onaopemipo
    Posted at 10:01h, 10 October Reply

    Food for thought. My oldest child is 4 years old. So I haven’t exactly had these issues yet as I make most decisions for them. I am looking forward to comments from mothers with older children.

    • theschoolofmothers
      Posted at 17:57h, 17 October Reply

      I will certainly advice you spend the years equipping and preparing yourself. Thank you for support.

    • CDF
      Posted at 22:46h, 17 October Reply

      Fasten your seat belt enjoy the ride for now o!

  • theschoolofmothers
    Posted at 17:53h, 17 October Reply

    Waow, very practical insight. Thank you sis. I have come to understand that parenting the 21st century child requires some sort of skill and mindset. But those skills and mindset must certainly not take out the most essential ingredients which are the fundamentals of parenting in the first place. We appreciate you @schoolofmothers❤

  • CDF
    Posted at 22:44h, 17 October Reply

    OJ, reasonable responses to these questions. These questions are quite complex, on the question about fashions it a difficult one, with the influence of media on the mindset of our children today. Effective communication is vital at an early child development stage of age two to six as it is the preoperational stage. A child needs to understand what his/her parent doesn’t approve of about fashion and why they can’t watch specific tv programs or the meaning of PG via discussion. Moreover as a parent, one should be mindful of what programme our children watch and the moral lesson he/she will take away.
    I think it essential to balance our culture with fashion for children in communication and make them understand what you approve of them to wear.
    On party invitation I think is better to play safe, I remember a birthday party where the celebrant took a female child to the toilet and abused her sexual both children age ten. So the question should be for the sake of being courteous should my children be endangered by me?
    Social media impact on our children is breathtaking and needs control. I always advise a parent to approve of the App you children and website our children visits. In our Africa settling a child should own a phone with terms and condition applicable.
    Decision making and choice for children depends on the child and parents.

    • theschoolofmothers
      Posted at 21:41h, 18 October Reply

      Thank you so much for these inputs, from feedbacks received I perceive these questions and more not mentioned here are of deep concerns to parents. It is obvious as parents we must do more, speak out more and not watch our children alone. It must be a crusade to save our children.

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