I recently watched a video clip, an excerpt from a message to recent graduands of a tertiary institution. The speaker while giving counsel on life tips mentioned very salient points that I consider to be worth expounding and sharing.

The speaker stated that the real things that make any individual stand out are (but not limited to) CHARACTER, PERSONALITY, ABILITY TO RELATE AND RESPOND TO OTHERS WITH RESPECT.

For the next generation to survive, parents cannot overlook the importance these play in the lives of our children and the ripple effect on the larger society. Children are malleable and if brought up with the right values, in the right environment, with all other factors in agreement, there is a high chance of getting a well rounded child who grows up into an adult with a strong value system, respect for people, authority and the society as a whole.

Character they say defines the individual, a person’s character traits will determine his or her response to situations and circumstances of life, and in the long run determine success or failure in life.

One minute there, I can ‘see’ your look of disapproval. Let me explain further. Yes, it is our character that determines our success. However, that doesn’t mean that “good” people will always experience more “success” than “bad” people. what this simply means is there are, some character traits that tend to lead to “success” and others that tend to produce “failure.” The question is, “What are the “good” character qualities, and how can we strengthen them, and what are “bad” qualities and how can we get rid of them? This is where you come in as a parent.

The character of any individual shows in how they act, think, and feel, how they interact with others and how they treat themselves.
Someone with good character believes they should make good choices and shows over time that they almost always make choices that are honest, respectful, fair, caring, and responsible. Making a mistake doesn’t mean you don’t have good character. Everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. But, when someone of good character makes a mistake, they take responsibility for it. They also show perseverance, which means they will make good choices and they’ll do the right thing, even when it’s hard.

Developing character is a process. It takes a combination of many factors because it involves discovery, influence, strength, discipline and determination to achieve.

A person’s character is his or her personality.

As the new school year commences shortly, character traits such as Alertness, Attentiveness, Boldness, Compassion, Contentment, Creativity, Endurance, Initiative, Orderliness, Punctuality, Resourcefulness, Responsibility, Sincerity and Tolerance are just a few our children will need to STAND OUT. Ours is to guide them to be the best versions of themselves as they prepare to meet new faces, make new friends, take on higher responsibilities, face the rigours and challenges and generally strive to make a good success of the academic and life building tasks ahead of them.

What legacy will your children leave behind when they encounter people in their world?

As you strive for excellence in all you do His grace will be more than sufficient unto you. Great Month ahead.


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    I agree with you totally my dear deaconess. Good work

  • theschoolofmothers
    Posted at 18:16h, 06 September Reply

    Thank you sis.

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