This question we hear often from our children, however from one mum to another I ask  “how are you mum?
How are you getting along? What are your struggles? How are you coping in the face of the many matters before you?
I ask these questions because I observe that by virtue of who we are and the roles we play in the lives of our loved ones, somehow we are seen as ‘super humans’, strong, unshaken and very capable of holding everything together. But you and I know this is far from the truth.
We sometimes feel a need to relate, talk about our own issues, let our hair down and just have a lazy-day, go on a short holiday, do something just for you, have that shoulder to lean on or time off with that mum who understands fully the highs and lows of mummy-world and can be a great support or encourager.

So during the latter part of last week I was really low in my spirit. You know that place you get to that gets you really quiet and a bit withdrawn? You still function, meeting the demands of those around you, busy and carrying on as usual. Well that was me and I just couldn’t understand what the matter was. I didn’t have any issue bothering me but I just couldn’t help how I felt.

Gal 6 vs 12 says “Help each other with your troubles…” This bible passage can take numerous dimensions, a call or a text message, a helping hand, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on and/or cry on CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
I truly believe God and His promise to send me help and support when I do need it ( Psalms 20 vs 2), unexpectedly I got a notification on my phone from a member of a Christian Moms group I belong to and as the chat progressed we talked about our homes, what we do, our late mums in love, our children, our marriages and we both agreed that though we have been married for a while (17years for her and 20 years for me) we are still learning. Learning new things, learning new and better habits, learning new ways of improving in every area. We live miles apart, never met, in different continents but got connected by this awesome GOD who knew and met a need.
I felt much better after our conversation and realising that God had set me up to be encouraged I was able to pray and thank Him for always looking out for me.
It all started with…”How Are You” and I got refreshed from within.
Lets look out for one another and be sensitive too to know when God is trying to give you a pat on the back.

I pray God sets you up for something big and beautiful this week… cheers.

School of Mothers

  • Adebola Akin-Ajayi
    Posted at 20:27h, 12 August Reply

    Truly inspiring. Thanks and God bless.

  • Kaka Osoko
    Posted at 09:32h, 13 August Reply

    Amen. Truly inspiring, it’s great when you know God’s got your back.

    • theschoolofmothers
      Posted at 10:15h, 13 August Reply

      Thank you sis. Very reassuring indeed. Have a great week ahead.

  • Mojisola Moradeyo
    Posted at 11:42h, 13 August Reply

    Very soothing and reassuring to know God’ s got our back and also when you know you have someone that shares same faith with you who will encourage you when you are down. Hmmm, that is indeed very soothing.

    • theschoolofmothers
      Posted at 12:21h, 13 August Reply

      We really do need each other, only if we care enough then we can be that extension of the hand of our Lord. Thank you Sis.

  • nefetitisblog
    Posted at 08:27h, 14 August Reply

    Great work from a great woman.Do keep up the good work.

    • theschoolofmothers
      Posted at 08:36h, 14 August Reply

      Thank you for the compliment and encouragement. His grace will keep us on to do more.

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