Keep Them Safe

Keep Them Safe

●’I am 15 now, I have two boy friends, they both have sex with me anytime they are in need or I am in need.

I took in but I aborted with a mixture of Codeine+Water+ Chelsea+Alabukun powder.

I had given my life to Jesus many times, but the desire for sex and the group of friends I keep have kept me out. Though I am not a cultist, 80% of my friends belong to one cult or the other. Finally, my lesson teacher wants me to use sex to make up for my lesson fee’.

●’I am 11, my 15 year old cousin in college used to have sex with me. Something like pap used to come out of my penis. I don’t know what it is’.

●’My elder brother and I used to have sex with our cousin staying with us. I am 9, he is 12, she is 10. Our parent are traders, they always return late’.

●’My elder sister did it twice with me and something like pap came out of my penis. I am 13, she is 15 in Jss 1′.

The above stories are not fiction. As a matter of fact, they are true life experiences discovered in the field these past two weeks.

Please, let your children be aware of their BODIES and the implications of any VIOLATIONS or ABUSE on them. Ask them questions and be their friend.

We all must be passionate about EDUCATING our children about SEX ABUSE. Let’s join hands together to SAVE our children & the younger generation.

From: Concerned Parents & Educators Network Platform.

Mothers please be very careful and watchful over your babies this holiday. Matthew 10 v 36, ‘Even members of your own family will be your enemies.’ The evil is not outside anymore, sometimes it lives with us.

Have a safe holiday.

  • Mrs Owoeye
    Posted at 05:27h, 24 July Reply

    Hmmmmm,well said can’t be over emphasized. God bless ma

    • theschoolofmothers
      Posted at 09:38h, 24 July Reply

      Thank you ma. I feel your deep concern as well. We shall continue to speak out and do our best till this evil is eliminated.

      • Tolu
        Posted at 11:42h, 24 July Reply

        God is in control. Where your treasures are there your heart shall be. May God help us realise our children are our treasures not our bank balances and turn our hearts back home.

        • theschoolofmothers
          Posted at 12:41h, 24 July Reply

          Deep prayer. Amen and amen in Jesus name. And this attitude really must change. Where did we go wrong???

    Posted at 08:51h, 30 July Reply

    This uninhibited immorality is of great concern, we’ve been hearing it since our own time, but it is more rampant nowadays. We parents have a lot to do in the area of training, deep prayers, being our childrens’ friend and we must be extremely observant, our children will not be victims of circumstance in Jesus name.

    • theschoolofmothers
      Posted at 17:19h, 30 July Reply

      The gravity of this issue can’t be over emphasized. The responsibility of protection our children still remains a communal one. Let’s not turn a blind eye or ear to such evil act. The time to act is NOW. Thank you Oluseum Adesipe for your valuable weekly contributions and voice to school of mothers passion. We appreciate you.

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