It is that time of year again… love is in the air. I have observed men and women put so much effort in expressing how much they truly love their spouses on Valentine’s day and I wonder how beautiful our marriages and love life will be if we put in same effort to keep the flames of love burning each and everyday.

Love is not meant to be expressed flamboyantly only on Valentine’s day! Love is just too sweet and powerful for that, our marriages are not meant to be dull and filled with the routine of trying to make ends meet.

Be creative, spice up and make your love life fun, exciting and spontaneous, consider small sweet gestures everyday, thoughtful gifts and shared moments. Be fun and not just a wife or mum, husband or dad, let your spouse see the spark in your eyes, laugh and ohhh dont let life squeeze out your playful self. So if you need to tweak your plans for the day you still have sometime you know (😉) be you and do you.

Today is not one for much speech. My desire is for you to have a beautiful day but most importantly that love is re-ignited in your marriage.

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