Mind your tongue…Someone’s listening

Mind your tongue…Someone’s listening

So often we are told to be careful what we say, hmmm, what we don’t say matters greatly as well.

I went grocery shopping with my 12year old the other day and while walking back to the car she says “mummy, can I ask a question”? I said “I am all ears” and then she asks “why don’t you use swear words, you don’t curse as well? Now this is a ‘heavy’ question coming from a 12 year old and this made me think about those things that are not so obvious our children are noticing about us and the world around them.

It is sad, but I have heard mothers use swear words in their regular conversations like it is normal and I wonder, I wonder about so many things.

I commend every mother for all the hard work, doing her very best in nurturing, instilling discipline most importantly modelling the right path to their children, it is a sacrifice you will live long to enjoy in peace and health.

But this said we have much work ahead of us. The world we live in today permits so many unhealthy habits and behaviours but the onus is on us to let our children know what is the right and acceptable way. And the best way to teach this very essential lesson is to model it.

The family is a child’s first classroom and the mother especially it’s very first and most important teacher.

Mummy watch your words and behaviours (Ephesians 5 vs 4).
Mummy be mindful of the company you keep (1 Corth 15 vs 33: Provb 13 vs 20)
Mummy be particular about how you look ( 1 Peter 3 vs 3-4)
Mummy be alert always.

These children are godly, precious seeds, you don’t treat precious things anyhow, you guard them jealously, take care of them properly amongst other things.
And this is our planting season we must rise up to sow, nurture and tend to our children from every ungodliness around them looking for access to tempt, corrupt and mislead them.

You may think this is making a fuss out of nothing, but it isn’t, if only we choose to cooperate with God in this business of parenting, live right with the Lord and we abide in the spirit of unity with our husbands we will be able to plant good seeds in their lives.

…Just me musing

Tsom prays you are made complete and proficient, outfitted and thoroughly equipped for every good work before you this week.

  • Yetunde Salami
    Posted at 07:22h, 24 August Reply

    Beautiful and inspirational. This is very true. Weldone ma.

    • tsom-admin
      Posted at 06:23h, 25 August Reply

      Thank you sis for your encouragement.

  • Joy Nelson Mekwunye
    Posted at 08:55h, 24 August Reply

    Truth be told, we are the mirror of our children, may the Lord continually give us the grace to be the best reflection of him, in our words, action and relationship with others.

    • tsom-admin
      Posted at 09:10h, 24 August Reply

      You are so correct sis, the path to teaching and learning must incorporate role modelling for effectiveness. Thank you sis, you are appreciated.

  • Banke Bakir
    Posted at 00:51h, 25 August Reply

    All of these points can’t be overemphasized, I agree with all the points raised, thank you so much ma’am

    • tsom-admin
      Posted at 06:24h, 25 August Reply

      You are appreciated sis. Thank you.

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