Here’s wishing everyone of our followers and contributors a very impactful month of June.
It is amazing how much of 2018 we have lived, experienced, shared and sadly also wasted.
Time is a very costly commodity, available to all but it’s full worth not explored.
This is easily understood by us mothers and wives as it seems the 24 hours in a day we get just never seems enough to get all our daily tasks done. Even with the grace to multitask it is still not achievable.
You know as women we are equipped both divinely and by training to take on so much and still look unruffled. We are taught how to increase our capacity to absorb so much as wives, mothers, daughters in law, career women etc and most times this happens at the detriment of our personal wellbeing: emotional, mental and spiritual.
A few months ago I conducted a random survey of mothers who have been married for five to ten years. The objective of the survey was to ascertain how young married women and mothers managed their personal time. It will amaze us to learn that a high percentage of these women did not understand the concept of Me-Time and how to observe it.
I also observed that women in this category were overwhelmed with their duties and obligations. Most were tired, some confused, while a good number desperately wished for a deserving holiday from everything and everyone. Funny how as women we are there for everyone in our household but still feel alone and exhausted.
One thing I observed from everyone of them however was their ‘silent’ cry for HELP.
Help from a life of routine. Help from all the demands on them, help on how to be better mothers and wives. Help on how to also achieve their personal goals.
I have walked that path too and I can relate with every woman on the need for a better way of managing our affairs and still feel good about yourself.

We live in a world of unending demand for our time, resources, presence and so on. We get stretched from all sides and consequently stressed.
How do we think we can manage it all and still give our best.
I want to encourage us to carefully consider this concept and it’s benefits to us and those people who matter most to us.

A personal time or what I choose to call a “Me-Time” allows you create that private time to rejuvenate body, soul and spirit.
It can be anytime of the day ( I recommend the evening time), but depends on your daily schedule and for any length of time you choose. This is exclusively your time to clear your head, relax your mind and let the stress seep out of you.
You are free to choose relaxing and stress relieving activities to engage in; you can exercise, read a book, take a shower and a deserving nap, listen to relaxing music or motivational messages or a time of communing with God.
Every member of your household must be made to understand that this time can not be interrupted and with the obvious results they will come to buy into the idea.
The time on your own helps you regain a fresh perspective on things, on your goals and what stage you are in, it helps you view your day, things you did right or wrong, you view your relationships from an objective point of view as well and are able to make better decisions.
Rest is very essential and therapeutic. It is very necessary to restore vigour to the body because most diseases are caused or made worse by stress. There are lots of benefits derived from getting sufficient rest:
• It restores/refreshes us when tired.
• Rest repairs the body.
• It increases energy and helps improve concentration.
• Rest gives better problem solving activities.
• Rest ensures smoother emotions- less anger, anxiety and frustration.
• Rest reduces blood pressure, it decreases muscle tension and increases blood flow to the muscles.
• Rest gives greater efficiency.
• Rest gives a good start and helps us to be focused and effective at what we do.

Personally, I have benefited immensely from this and my family (husband, children and domestic staff) can attest to a better me and my relationships are much better too.

So now it is up to you to take that initial step to help yourself. You must make time and be committed to it. You need this, the hustle and bustle of life won’t go away but you can do something in order not to get consumed by it.

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  • Kaka Osoko
    Posted at 17:59h, 05 June Reply

    You are so on point. Initially, it was hard for my husband to understand why I just wanted to be alone sometimes but he eventually caved in and now I enjoy my me time. Sometimes it consists of me having a facial done, eating out alone or just not wanting to have a conversation with anyone. I have resorted to enjoy myself.

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