Praying Mothers

Praying Mothers

Securing the lives and destinies of our children is a function of the fervent effectual prayer of a mother.
What and importantly how our children turn out is the concern of every parent but particularly the mothers (Proverbs 17 v 25).

Of all the resources Prayer is the most powerful, impactful and sustaining. It has the power to speak, do, undo and redo.
Prayer is timeless, it outlives us.

Mothers have a high calling and responsibility to be in the place and state of prayer on behalf of their children(and home). It is like an unspoken rule, for real, how often do you see a Daddy go for prayer meetings with pictures of their children? Always the mothers. Mothers always work at making the names of their children before the Throne.

Why do you need to pray Mom?

1. You are a great influence:
Grandma Lois and Mummy Eunice played vital roles by serving as godly influence in the upbringing of Timothy. A praying mother realizes that raising godly children takes a team—God, the mother, the child, and other godly men and women within the body of Christ.
So Mummy you are on course as you encourage your child (ren)to be conscious of God from that young age, when you tell them bible stories of how Great God is, as you teach them to pray and fast, show kindness to the less privileged or to be active in any little way in church that way he or she gets introduced to God and a godly life.

2. Your prayers can touch the heart of God, move the hand of God, change the mind of God and attract the favor of God, mainly because a mother will pray unceasingly until the breakthrough manifests. The bible and history point us to so many examples of mothers who through their prayers made God intervene and bring about the much desired change.

3. Our prayers as mothers are the Lord’s secret weapons to preserve our children from destruction and evil.

4. The Holy Spirit is our best adviser, teacher and counselor. He knows what’s best for each child and can give us the insight to know what each needs and how to pray His will concerning each one. Sometimes we worry when we don’t see our children going in the direction we feel would be best for them. Yet we have His promise that if we raise them and train them in the way they should go, when they are old they will not depart from them (see Prov. 22:6). Though they may stray as they try to find their own way in life, they will return to what was instilled in them (see 2 Tim. 3:15). It’s a promise.

5. There was once a little boy who had a line to say during a children’s presentation in church. Somehow, he forgot his line. Fortunately, his mum was sitting in the front row and decided to help him out by miming and then he blurted out in joy saying…” My mummy is the light of the world”. Well he almost got it. Jesus is the true light of the world, but as mothers we can be the light that direct our children to Christ.

Motherhood is a lot of excitement followed by years of work and some times moments of aniexty, pain, preesure etc. But through it all, mothers are there.

Last Word
Mothers, remember the significant value you add to your child through your prayers and actions. You are the first and often the most influential person in your child’s life. This is both a tremendous responsibility and blessing. Continue to pray, to serve, and to enjoy every moment in your wonderful role as a mother.

Other mothers will love to learn more. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

  • Endurance
    Posted at 20:28h, 09 April Reply

    Hmmmmm! Being a mother comes with huge responsibility and I pray for mothers not to fail in their responsibility.
    Thanks for this wonderful insight, more grace.

    • theschoolofmothers
      Posted at 20:47h, 09 April Reply

      Thank you Endurance. I most definitely agree with you on the ‘huge responsibility’. But I know for sure as a mum if you make up your mind and have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, then you are on the path to making a good success of motherhood. Remember it’s not about raising good children, but godly children.

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