I remember when I was growing up, there was a popular television program called ‘SPEAK OUT’. The program’s objective was to bring to the open the vices in our society.
Trending on social media recently have been reports of various forms of abuse; child abuse, substance abuse, spousal abuse. But most disturbing is what I have learnt about the level of child and substance abuse in recent times.
Predators everywhere, if not kidnappers then it’s paedophiles, you can’t trust that cousin, uncle, aunt, grandfather, teacher, friend. And now we have to fight for the lives of our children from SUBSTANCE ABUSE.
News of this invader creeping in silently calls for prompt attention and action. Let’s not be like the proverbial Ostrich, it’s time to look at this matter holistically and in one voice. I am sure we all know that to turn a blind eye won’t immune our society, nation, family unit or individual from the devastating effects of such vices.
Women, Mothers, it’s time to Speak Out. Let our voices and concerns be heard, everywhere, in our women fellowships, parents and teachers associations, resident associations, boardroom meetings, political meetings, state and national assemblies, salons, market, but most especially in the home.
Gather your children and educate them, equip them so they can overcome any enticement.
Mothers are nation builders. We can’t keep quiet and watch the children we labour over be destroyed and the future of our nation threatened.
What will be your role in this call to Save Our Children? Your contribution (s) will go a long way and it will go down in history for all posterity.
          …Concerned Mother

PS: Suggestions, ideas on the way forward will be appreciated in the comment section as these will be our own ‘voice’ to the campaign.

Thank you.

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  • Oluwayemisi
    Posted at 13:03h, 12 May Reply

    Substance abuse is a hydra headed monster so there has to be more than one way to tackle the problem. I think it’s important to have a balanced and candid relationship with our children. We cultivate an atmosphere where they can speak freely with us. We must also pray for them ceaselessly.

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