The boy

The boy

This is a call to action mothers. It is time we step back and consider seriously how to tackle this ‘growing concern’, playing the ostrich will be detrimental. This post is inspired by the sincere and heartfelt concern of my teenage daughter for her generation.

In recent times cases of rape, assault and abuse have become prevalent and as mothers we need to do something about it and fast too. Our society, the home are in dire need of sanitizing and trust me no one will clean up the mess being created if the ones charged with the responsibility of raising godly children are not measuring up.

Why do we hear so much about these vices? Why do men devalue women so badly, why has the woman become an ‘object’ that is debased by the very one that should cherish and protect her?
Something is fundamentally wrong!

Let’s make this personal. No parent prays for their daugther to marry a man who will dishonor and abuse her (sexually, physically or emotionally), infact we all pray for our daughters to find the “bone of her bone and the flesh of her flesh”.

So, if this is our desire doesn’t it go to mean that it is expected of us to also train up our sons to be the perfect ‘bone’ and ‘flesh’ for their future wives?

Won’t this lay on us a responsibility to be intentional about raising our sons with the right values?

By implication doesn’t this mean that our sons need to be tutored specially on the ‘woman-being’?

A woman complements a man, and anything that complements adds value, increases, beautifies, completes or perfects.

Parents should teach and train each child to understand who they are as individuals as well as to recognize and appreciate the roles other people in their lives play this way a lot of the disrespect, disregard, abuse and dysfunction we see play out in homes and the society will be minimized or totally eradicated. As stated in Genesis 18 vs 19: God has chosen us to train our children and future family to observe God’s way of life, to live kindly, generously and fairly…
And what is God’s way of life?
To live in love 1 Corth13 vs 4-8
To live in peace/harmony Romans 12 vs 18
To live in abundance John 10 vs 10b
To live in faith Hebrews 11
To live a content life 1 Timothy 6 vs 6

So do your old age, society and most importantly that lovely girl that is being trained to be a virtuous woman, a world of good by training your sons to value, appreciate and cherish women. Let us together put an end to the violation of girls and women.

” Where purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable” …Dr. Myles Munroe.

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