The Wait…

The Wait…

Solape is a 35 years old woman, who due to no fault of hers lost her job, taking her off guard, with no substantial savings, this young single mother had to face the reality of life before her.
Her efforts to secure another job was proving tough, life suddenly seemed to be unfriendly, but she trudged on, trusting God every step of the way. She had those moments too, moments of being stretched, where her belief, her character and her relationships were all put to the test. Those were not easy moments for Solape, but she perserved.
Then one day like any other day she got an invitation to attend a job interview, (another one in a long list in the past couple of months) she did not have the means to go for this one and she wasn’t encouraged to go because she felt that this was also going to turn out negative like the others in the past. What Solape did not know was that her days of waiting, tears, pain were over, God our Father in heaven orchestrated things to help through this last lap and like you already have guessed she came out of the interview session singing and praising God.

Danielle is a 37years old mother of three beautiful children, happily married until unpleasant things started happening in her relationship with her husband. Initially, Danielle chose not to make a fuss about her observations but as things unfolded she realised she needed to act fast to save her marriage.
Oh what trying times she had to pass through, the foundation of her love for God, trust in God and husband and belief in herself were all being tested. You can’t begin to imagine her days and nights of tears, pain, fasting, praying, counselling and much more for God to intervene.
Weeks turned to months but God saw all her tears, He felt all her pain and because He is God the author of the marriage institution, He stepped in and calmed the storm.

These are abridged versions of two real life stories. These women unknowingly have passed the test of character.

They trusted (Indeed, none of those who [expectantly] wait for You will be ashamed; Those who turn away from what is right and deal treacherously without cause will be ashamed. Psalms 25:3 AMP).
They fought the good fight of faith… And they came out victorious.

Waiting is one virtue that I have observed is very tough for us humans to develop.
It can be a painful, discouraging & weakening process. It tends to demand a lot from us, which most times we are not willing or able to give.
I call it a virtue because I have come to learn through my personal experiences and of those I have had to walk the journey with that it is indeed the number one character building tool, it also reveals a lot about who we really are and how firm our profession of trust in God is. It is nature’s way of putting us to the test, taking us through the process of self development.

At some point each of us have waited, will have to wait or are currently waiting. Such is life. It is a season that will surely come to an end, but that end depends a lot on how it is managed.
This season requires you to be alert and open to the things God will be doing and saying to you, people who will be positioned in this season to walk with you.
You need to be strong, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to enable you do the needful at this time. But above all, Don’t loose faith
Be prepared. You’re up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it’s all over but the shouting you’ll still be on your feet. Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation are more than words. Learn how to apply them. You’ll need them throughout your life. God’s Word is an indispensable weapon. In the same way, prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Ephesians 6:13‭-‬17 MSG

  • Adebola innocent
    Posted at 01:57h, 19 May Reply

    I really appreciate and look forward to every edition of the school of mothers, l am recharge and Bless. Thanks

    • tsom-admin
      Posted at 04:16h, 19 May Reply

      Thank you sis for your kind words of encouragement…the Holy Spirit will continue to inspire us all for our journeys.

  • Victoria
    Posted at 05:27h, 19 May Reply

    God never promised a calm passage
    But be rest assured that waiting on him through the process will guarantee a safe landing. May God see us through every period of waiting we may be goin through .

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