There is a certain excitement and sometimes relief when you get to the end of a thing or project. 2019 was one filled with diverse encounters but irrespective of whether it was sweet or not so sweet one thing we all have in common is the expectation (s) for an even better new year.

The SoM team sincerely appreciates YOU for making our experience a rich one, thank you for supporting our vision.

Tomorrow is a gift and as is natural with gifts we never know what is all wrapped up in the gift till we unwrap it. As you unwrap the gift of 2020, remember the excitement, the joy but most importantly remember and hold on to HOPE, Romans 15 vs 13 makes us understand that God being the source of our hope will empower us by the power of the Holy Spirit so that through 2020 and beyond in the experiences of our faith, we can abound in hope as well as overflow with confidence in His promises for us.

And so as we approach a new year and a new decade our desire for you is an Abundant Year… in your health, marriage and relationships, business or career. All your aspirations for the new year will find expression and divine backing in Jesus name.

Have a great year ahead.


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