Truths and Misconceptions about Motherhood

Truths and Misconceptions about Motherhood

It’s such a wonderful call to be a Mother. It’s a high call indeed.
What a great privilege to experience motherhood in the real sense of the word. I became a mother almost 25years ago when I had my first child, a male; it was a very profound and overwhelming time for me. More so, being merely less than a year after I got married and years later I had 2 daughters. I assumed I was somehow prepared for motherhood because I took care of some of my younger cousins but definitely not completely groomed for the challenges ahead of it. Motherhood can be a daunting task if not given the necessary attention and devotion and must admit that there are a few surprises I wish someone had clued me into.
So we shall consider who a Mother is.
“A female parent of a child”… Wikipedia
“ A Mother is a verb; it’s something you do. Not just who you are”
“ It is giving birth to or raising a child, adopting and raising a child according to “Your Dictionary”.
Motherhood is a journey of life to nurture, train, build, mould, teach, shield and direct the God-given seeds or blessings as the case may be into what God has created them to become in life. It is indeed a life-long, time consuming, sacrificial and emotional journey of life.

Motherhood is spoken of throughout Scripture as a high and important calling. Children are viewed as a blessing–“a heritage from the Lord… a reward from Him.” (Psalm 127:3)
And motherhood is also viewed as a blessing–but one that is at God’s prerogative to grant, and one that brings with it high responsibility. It is intended to bring happiness. (Psalm 113:5-9)
Motherhood requires a lot of sacrifice and–one of the ways we can glorify and serve Him (1 Tim. 5:10).
A basic truth of Motherhood is that it is only God that gives the grace of motherhood and not any man. It is only God that fully prepares one for this beautiful journey to nurture the Godly seeds of divine destiny put into our hands as mothers and caretakers.
Becoming a Mother is the greatest joy that a woman can have in this life. And a very rewarding assignment.


The call to Motherhood is also a misunderstood one. Yes, every female is created to be the vessel through which life is conceived and brought forth, but this doesn’t automatically make such a person a mother. Indeed, few women think much about this journey until it happens to them
It is a misconception to say a female without a biological child but who takes it upon herself to adopt a child is not a mother in the real sense of the word. The fact and truth remains that she has the passion and strength to raise a child and give life to an abandoned, less privileged or unwanted child.
Though motherhood is a calling, it is not the highest calling we can receive from God as a woman, we can be called into other areas of endeavour. It is not a healthy perception as a woman to diminish and suppress other areas of your life because God has called you to motherhood or to see yourself as non-accomplished.
Mothers are not super human beings that are beyond making errors in raising children. This brings a lot of pressure and expectations upon mothers, fear and trepidation of what the future holds for her and especially the children. In motherhood, expect moments of failure but the moment of failure does not mean you give up entirely. “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again…” (Prov. 24:16).

Dear Mom, Motherhood is a particularly important ministry. The fruit of a mom’s ministry affects so many. The fruit of this ministry is far reaching, God is counting on us, our children are the future of tomorrow, they are counting on us.

                                             …Nike Olayinka

  • Feranmi
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    A very insightful and enthralling piece!

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      Posted at 21:42h, 24 March Reply

      Thank you Feranmi. Hope you got to read the previous posts and do visit weekly as we share more insights.

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