Waow!!! I had the most refreshing morning.
Woke up in a haste to attend to some matters and you know those mornings you think all will go as planned; wake up, devotion time, and every other thing thereafter, well it wasn’t looking like it was going to be so today, because God had other plans.
From one task to the other and in my mind I was wondering when will I get that alone time for my devotion, that was all I had on my mind.
Fast forward, it was time for my first appointment for the day, a friend, a lovely lady from our days in the KingsHill Coaching Academy. It was fun catching up on family, our projects and all the value added things like minds get to share.
You may ask why I am going this route. That’s because somewhere and somehow I became sensitive to our conversation and realized the Holy Spirit was using our time of sharing to uplift us, give us a clearer view of ourselves, projects at hand etc.
The words of Proverbs 27 vs 17 and Galatians 6 vs 2 embody Christian love, a sacrificial kind of love. One we all need. You see my friend had another choice; she could have gone straight to the reason she came, instead she allowed herself flow with what the Lord was working out.
In that moment I could see God, His love, His faithfulness, His goodness.
I could see with the eyes of love and joy.
I could see the desire of ‘ordinary’ us to serve God in our own little corner of the world, reaching out, touching lives.
I could see the beauty in this amazing world and the beautiful people in it.
I could see two daugthers of the Most High who have rediscovered the glorious gifts of His Spirit and who were encouraging, strengthening and comforting each other through His power.
That was a beautiful way God worked out His plan for us, we said our farewells with a renewed hope of a bright future.

Who are the people God has placed around you? Small or big, God is able to use anyone to meet your need per time.
What is that matter so heavy in your heart? Trust Him, He surely has a way mapped out for you.
Where are you in your journey? Be grateful how far you have come, knowing that He hasn’t brought you this far only to ditch you.

What you see determines how far you will go.

I pray you enjoy the divine in all you do this week. Amen

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  • Linda
    Posted at 22:10h, 29 December Reply

    People cross our paths for a reason, either as a lesson or a blessing….Praying for wusdom to deal with any of the situations.

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