There are fixed hours in a day. Fixed days in a week. Fixed months in a year. Nevertheless, who you are and all you aspire to be in life do not necessarily have to be fixed.
Ecc 3 vs 1 says “There is a right time for everything, and everything on earth will happen at the right time.”

Where are you today? Where do you aspire to be in the next three or five or even ten years? What are you doing to make it happen?

The other day I was watching a documentary on a woman we know and admire a great deal. A mother, An achiever, An example of modesty. Pastor (Mrs.) Foluke Adeboye. Her life is a true reflection of what can become of a woman (indeed anyone) who lets go and lets God.
We know her humble background, we know her disposition, her love for God and people.
Her story stirred something in me and reminded me of a few life nuggets. I sincerely hope this encourages you on your journey.

Zechariah 4 vs 10 urges us never to despise our days of little beginnings. Great, you have something going, that little venture or idea can grow and become bigger than you. Just keep feeding that vision.

Daniel 11 vs 32b emphasizes the link between knowledge and action or productivity. Knowing God and His mind towards you is fuel enough to keep you going. Do you trust Him enough to take Him at His Words? Let your confidence in Him motivate you to take the necessary steps towards goal, no move is a waste. Go for that training, enrol for that program, yes do something towards actualizing that dream.

Proverbs 13 vs 20 show me your friends and we can have a peep into your future. Choose your company very carefully. I read somewhere that if you know where you want to get to then look for people who have gotten there. They will guide you through pitfalls they encountered, teach you wisely and sooner than you think you will be there.

Never give room to fear or doubt they can blur your vision and cripple your forward movement. Instead, give life to that vision through the positive words you speak.

Be dynamic. Be flexible. Allow yourself to be adventurous, in doing so you will discover more about yourself than you thought you knew.

Age is but a number you know? So take your eyes off your birth certificate and focus. You keep looking at how many years have gone by since you finished school and nothing tangible to show for it. But you forget you have many years ahead of you to make a difference. Get started.

I dedicate this post to all women striving daily to acheive their goals. Don’t beat yourself too hard, it will all come together in the fullness of time. But remember to take a step a day towards that goal. He surely knows your end from now…Isaiah 46 vs 10

God bless your week ahead.


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